Friday, January 27, 2012

Letter Writing Month

In February I will be participating in the Letter Writing Challenge issued by Mary Robinette Kowal. I find myself quite drawn to this idea, even more so than to NaNoWriMo. I did NaNo a few years ago, just that one time. It was a very important moment for me, finishing that NaNo Novel (which reads EXACTLY like it was written in a month). In fact it was exactly what I needed at the time, and would not have progressed as a writer without it. But I’ve never done it again.

I think of the Letter Writing a little bit differently. I’ve gone through phases where I’ve written letters to people, and the reaction is often one of surprise. One friend asked me if I was dying. (I was not). I like knowing I’m not the only one in on it this time.

I am also open to receiving letters as well. If you know me personally, just send it to my home address. But if you are a Letter Writing Stranger, I’d still like to hear from you. You can write me at:
Amy Eller Lewis
c/o The Providence Athenaeum
251 Benefit Street
Providence, RI 02903
Also, if you’d like to hear from me over the Letter Writing Month, leave me your address in the comments, or, if you’re not comfortable with that, email me at: and I’ll put you on the list.
When I did NaNo, I knew exactly what the end of it would bring. There were only a few choices as to how it could end. But the Letter Writing Challenge….I have no idea what this will bring. I’ve romanticized it in my mind, as I do everything, and it’s gotten all tangled up with cups of Earl Grey Tea and a rain streaked window. Come add your name to the list!
Well, I'm off to the Post Office for stamps.

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